How To Fix Belkin Router 502 Bad Gateway Error?

Belkin router ensures tremendous speed when users connect make use of it on their devices. These routers are affordable and are available in a wide range of models as well. However, like every electronic device, it also has issues like Belkin Router Bad Gateway Error which might hinder your user experience. It is always advisable to contact our experts for help before the conditions get worse.

The 502 Bad Gateway issue is basically an HTTP status code error which means that one server on the internet is receiving invalid responses from another server. This error is entirely independent of any kind of setup which is seen in any of the browser you are working or on the operating systems. The error can easily be customized though it is uncommon to have, different web servers mention this error in various forms. Other reasons such as online servers not having any control over, the problem lies with the home networking equipment, or in the controlling reason. It is sometimes suggested to load the URL by pressing F5 or Ctrl-R key or refreshing as well as reloading it is the solution. But there are better steps available to Fix Belkin Router 502 Bad Gateway Error explained by Belkin Router Support Team. While this problem occurs, it is a clear indication that a networking problem outside users’ control which is temporary. Let us have a look in below instruction to get rid of the problem now.

Belkin Router Bad Gateway Error: Causes and Solutions

Electronic devices like routers often face specific errors from time to time. The user needs to maintain the router on a regular basis to ignore such issues in the future. Belkin Router Bad Gateway Error mainly occurs when the router encounters problem between servers. This error can also occur between a gateway or proxy which has accepted invalid server request from an upstream server. Here’s a glimpse of the following causes and solutions of this error:

  • There can be an excess of server loaded due to a large number of visitors on a site. You can always restrict the usage by deleting the server history when not in use.
  • A firewall may block communication due to several unknown technical faults.
  • Sometimes faulty programming on a website’s code can lead to such errors.
  • There can be network issues which show different error codes and messages on your screen. Try to refresh the router settings and begin again.

If the issue gateway error persists, it is high time that you seek help from our trained experts. Our support providers are in this field for a very long time and use their knowledge to resolve all technical glitches. They provide you with tried and tested solutions which resolve your issues at the earliest. You can trust our experts for glitch-free services.

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Steps to Fix 502 bad gateway error

Before we move ahead to discuss a solution, a new browser session should be started by closing all open browser Windows and opening a new one afterward. Then try opening the webpage now. This is done to sometimes check whether the issue lies within the computer?

Step 1: Clear out browser’s cache

Check out for any outdated or corrupted files that are stored by your browser and is causing 502 Bad Gateway issues. Well, removing all these cached files will rectify the problem and then, trying to reload the page. Also, users can try to clear out all stored cookies to overcome 502 error.

Step 2: Working with the browser in Safe Mode

Running the browser in Safe Mode will allow you to run it with default settings and also without add-ons, extensions as well as toolbars. If the Safe mode is not the cause then, the issue definitely lies in the browser’s extension as well as settings. To resolve this, restore browser settings to default and selectively disable browser extensions to permanently fix the problem. Re-install the browser and check whether it corrects the problem.

Step 3: Restart the computer

There may be some temporary issues with the computer and the way it is connecting to the network which is the absolute causing of 502 errors. This is especially the problem lies on more than one website. So, here restarting the device will solve the issue.

Step 4: Restart the networking equipment

Issues with the modem, router, switches, or even with other networking devices is an ultimate cause of the 502 Bad Gateway or other 502 errors. A simple solution to it is to restart these devices which will help you a lot.

Step 5: Changing the DNS servers

To overcome the problem, change the DNS servers immediately. Because they too may be a result of the Bad Gateway errors.

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