Fix DNS Error In Netgear Router

How To Fix DNS Error In Netgear Routers?

DNS issue may arise in Netgear routers due to various reasons such as the hosting server may be temporarily not functioning.  The second reason is due to corrupted DNS service on the computer. The problem may also be the cause where the security firewall has accidentally blocked the User’s PC from communicating with websites. Dynamic DNS automatically updates a server in the Domain Name System with the help of active DDNS configuration process of its configured hostnames, addresses, and other related information and may sometimes result in the real-time process. So, it is helpful in assigning a fixed domain name to the PC without even changing the DHCP configuration process. Below we have resolutions to Fix DNS Error in Netgear Routers that are quite easy for users to understand.

Resolutions To Fix DNS error in Netgear routers

Resolution 1 – Configuration to be done of the workstation to work with alternate DNS servers.

  • To do this, just Go to the “Control Panel of the workstation and then, click to choose the Network Settings.
  • Now, select the network connection which is having the DNS issue and correct them as guided by Netgear Support Number technical team
  • Go to the adapter’s TCP/IP properties
  • Statically users are advised to set the DNS Server to its appropriate address provided by theISP or simply use other public DNS services whichever is suitable
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Resolution 2–If the above one has not solved your problem then, configure the router

  • Here the first step is to access the router web configuration mode
  • Go to the “Basic Settings” icon to select it
  • Now, make a proper selection of the “Use these DNS Servers” icon
  • Enter the DNS addresses properly that is given by the ISP or work with other public DNS services
  • Click the Apply button

I hope both of the above solutions will help you out in fixing up the problem.

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