Linksys Router IP Address Not Working Issue

How To Fix Linksys Router IP Address Not Working Issue?

The IP address issue in the Linksys router occurs when there are two systems on the LAN which is working on the same IP address. And as a consequence, both are in unusable operational condition in the network. Also one should be watching when two ports are connected in the router to each other, the IP address conflict issue may also arise. Another issue due to which IP address may not work is due to severe fault encountered while the IP address is being configured. The last reason which is defined by experts is that of the temporary issue which has occurred in the router as well as outdated router firmware installed in the system. Let us see steps to fix Linksys router IP address not working issue with a detailed explanation of each of them.

Steps to troubleshoot Linksys router IP address not working issue

Step 1: Check for the default IP address of the Linksys router

Originally if we see then, it is true that each of the routers comes with a default IP address assigned by the manufacturer. If anyone wants to know this IP address then, one should either search for it in the manufacturer’s website or can even move for technical support help of the manufacturer. Also, you can get the default IP address of the system by simply typing the ‘ipconfig’ command in the command prompt.

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Step 2: Reset the router

The other thing is simply to reset the router to fix the IP address issue of the Linksys router. Also, IP address conflict issues may have caused due to DHCP technical fault. Resetting the router is high recommendable. To do this, turn off the modem and unplug all the cables from the router excluding the power cord. Press the ‘Reset’ button for at least 30 seconds and continue to do it as long as LED starts to blink.

Step 3: Update the router firmware

Work with the latest version of the router firmware as this may lead to the cause of IP address conflict issue of the router. Users are advised to perform a check of the router problem and then reset it.

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