How To Fix Linksys Router No Connectivity Error

How To Fix Linksys Router No Connectivity Error?

Linksys has gained a positive reputation from its users over the years because of its reliable hardware. With Linksys routers, you can connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time. However, the Linksys No Connectivity Error occurs when your computer is unable to receive signals from the network. This means you won’t be able to get access to the internet or other network sources.

However, the reasons for this no connectivity error can be many. The error occurs because of technical issues in the wireless card network and IP address. But the problem can be effortlessly resolved if you know the exact procedures.

The Linksys router no connectivity issue is a due technical problem in wireless card network and IP address technical issues. Fix Linksys Router No Connectivity Error with the help of our expert technicians. We will provide you two solutions to overcome the above issue easily.

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Probable Causes Of The No Connectivity Error

There are multiple reasons for Linksys no connectivity errors.

If the Linksys router and your computer are not placed properly, there can be connectivity issues. On the other hand, it is important to determine the MTU (Maximum Transmission Size) permitted for internet transmission. If it is not appropriate, the no connectivity error can arise.

In case there’s any conflict with other wireless devices using the same frequency, this error can pop up. Another reason can be a different wireless network operating in the same frequency as your router.

Sometimes, you may not understand that physical obstructions can cause the no connectivity issue as well. Additionally, if there’s any discrepancy in the router and adapter settings, you may face Linksys no connectivity issue.

Also, the driver in your computer’s adapter may not be upgraded. Therefore, it may result in no connectivity problem. In case, there have been intermittent power interruptions, you may experience the no connectivity problem.

Solutions to Fix Linksys Router No Connectivity Error are:

Solution 1: Try our first solution to remove the issue

  • The first step is to uninstall both the router as well as wireless card software.
  • Now, according to Linksys Router Support Service technical team, go for hard reset button which is there at the backside of both the modem and router.
  • Try to clean up both computers which will include defragmentation, deletion of temp files, etc.
  • Here, users need to reinstall the router as well as wireless card software.
  • At last, configure your internet connection.

Solution 2: This is the second solution to consider

Try our second next solution to fix Linksys router no connectivity error:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel > Network Connection” and right-click on “Wireless Network connection > Properties” icon.
  • Now, uncheck the last option which is “notify me when there is limited or no connectivity”. Click on the “OK” button
  • Users have to power cycle the router but do ensure that you are online.
  • If it still does not go away then try to auto-configure and repair the network connection.
  • Try to delete all the existing wireless ‘profile’ which is corrupted.

Follow all procedures to “Connect” again. It is when users are creating a new profile. If users are working on Windows’ Wireless Zero Configuration, this is one of the Preferred Networks section of the Wireless Networks tab. it is found in the Properties of the Wireless Network Connection.

Alternate Method To Fix Linksys Router No Connectivity Error

Method 1

Firstly, you need to uninstall both the router and the wireless card software. After that, you will have to find the reset button on the backside of the modem and the router. Then, you need to delete the temp files and perform defragmentation. After this step, you will have to reinstall both the router and the wireless card software. Lastly, you will need to configure the internet connection.

Method 2

In the next step, you will have to go to the Control Panel and go to the ‘Network Connection’. After that, you need to right-click on the ‘wireless network connection’ and go to ‘properties’ icon. As the next step, you will have to uncheck the last option. After that, you are supposed to click on the ‘Ok’ button. Users will need to power cycle the router and ensure that they are online. If it does not work, you will need to configure and repair your network connection. After that, you should try deleting the wireless profile that is corrupted.

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