Netgear Not Working Error

How to Fix Netgear Router Not Working Error?

Is your Netgear router not working? You are not alone with this issue. Having a problem with the Netgear Router is quite common but getting the proper help is not easy at all. As you go through the article, you can find the right solution for your problem. Having knowledge about what causes the problem can help you solve the issue.

Let’s Start by Knowing The Major Reasons

The primary cause behind your Netgear router not working is like this-

  • Improper Setup of Your Netgear Router
  • Netgear router update problem
  • Outdated and corrupted router driver
  • Netgear Router IP issues
  • Netgear Router password error
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Issues with Netgear Router login
  • Netgear wireless router not working
  • Netgear Router won’t connect to the internet

There can be several other reasons because of which you may find your Netgear router not working. But these are the most fundamental reason for which you are having this problem.

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How To Fix Netgear Router Not Working?

Follow these necessary troubleshooting steps to resolve the Netgear router not working. Don’t start with resetting the router. A simple reboot can fix the error. Reboot does not work? Then you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Use Ethernet Cable to Connect your Computer to the Modem

You can connect your computer to the modem by using Ethernet cable. Confused? Take a close look if there is a cable coming out from your modem to internet port. Just remove that cable and secure it to the laptop or desktop computer. Check whether your router is working now. Is it working? Then the router, modem and ethernet cable don’t have any issues. But if the error still persists, then follow the next step.

Reset Netgear Router

Use the hard reset and the soft reset option to resolve your Netgear Router Not Working Problem. Let’s try with the soft reset part. Reset your Netgear Router by placing the proper username and password. In many cases, trying to reset your router can go wrong if you don’t know the proper steps. Since it is a bit tricky, you can always get assistance from highly trained professionals.

Hard Reset Netgear Router

So if the soft reset did not work, you must not panic. Try out the Hard reset format to fix the problem forever. For the hard reset, locate the reset key which is placed at the back of your Netgear Router. Press the reset key for a few minutes.  See if the lights are still blinking or not.

Resolve the Netgear Router Update Issue

One possible reason for the Netgear router not working is due to outdated router driver. Make sure you uninstall the corrupted driver and install the newer version. But when you replace don’t forget to use the updated version of the firmware or router driver. Is the problem still lingering? You can always connect with our tech professionals who are adept in solving any kind of Netgear router issues.

Do not forget the IP address

Have forgotten the IP address and the username of your Netgear router? Then it is hard to solve any router issues even after trying it several times. In such a situation, the only option you have is to take the guidance from the experts. If you are a user of Netgear Router n60, Netgear Router ac1750, or Netgear router n300 changing your network name (SSID) and password can work.

Don’t go wrong with the configuration part

One of the major reasons that lead to the Netgear Router not working is when the settings and the configuration is done incorrectly. But if you mess with the setup part, then all these troubleshooting methods turn out to be meaningless.

However, on many occasions, you might have trouble retrieving your router password. Well, this has nothing to do with troubleshooting guidance. The tech experts can guide you and let you know what are the reasons for such error.

Remove Virus and Spyware

If your device is infected with virus and malware, the router stops working. In that case, the user needs to use the antivirus. Update your security software to its latest definition and then scan your system for possible spyware or malware infection. After detecting the malicious files repair or remove them from the system. If virus or malware were the reason behind your router error then following the step will surely resolve it.

Contact Netgear Customer Support Number For Assistance

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