Fix Netgear Router WPS progress Error

How To Fix Netgear Router WPS progress Error ?

Netgear router enables users to share data, messages, and other files within the networks easily. Netgear router is one of the best-known routers in the market. It has high configuration features and provides well-known network solutions to users. However, it is not entirely glitch-free. Netgear Router WPS Progress Error occurs when users try to modify the wireless settings, but Netgear fails to process it.

Thus, you receive an error message stating ‘Router WPS progress error’. You will get this pop-up message as you disable the WPS feature with the WPS wizard. You can avail of our 24×7 customer support to fix the Netgear error. Or, you can also try out the easy hacks mentioned below.

The problem arises when users are trying to save or is applying changes to the Wireless Settings and then, it fails to process. Thus encountering an error message WPS progress issue. This is basically a kind of pop-up message after users have disabled WPS feature with the help of WPS wizard. It will further indicate the WPS LED in blinking mode while working with the router when clicked on the “Apply button” in Wireless Setting. Apply below solutions to Fix Netgear Router WPS progress Error explained by Netgear Router Support Number technical team.

Points To Remember While Handling Netgear Router WPS Progress Error

When you press the WPS button, LED will blink on and off repeatedly or it can even blink faster. After a few minutes, the LED will become steady. The wireless setting, WiFi, and WPS LEDs will flash continuously when you’re saving the wireless settings. You can save or apply the wireless settings with SSID broadcast disabled. But, you will get a message that WPS needs an SSID broadcasting process to carry out its work.

However, if you make any changes, you will be unable to access WPS. If the WPS LED on the front panel of your router is flashing, WPS is active. You should not turn on the Netgear router’s LED until there is a power interruption, a configuration change, or a router reboot.

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Solutions to fix WPS progress error in Netgear router

Press and then, hold the WPS button which will be clearly visible on the router for at least 30 seconds, or until the WPS LED has become in steady mode.  As advised, just click the “Apply” button which is located just under the “Wireless Settings”. It is to be noted that the location of the WPS button on your Netgear routers will differ slightly but definitely will be marked with an appropriate symbol.

A few things to be noted while handling the issue of WPS progress error

  • While pressing the WPS button, the first thing which needs to be kept in mind is that LEDwill blinks on and off continuously or may even blink faster. After a while, the LED becomes steady as the test was conducted by Netgear Router Support Phone Number
  • The second thing is while saving the Wireless Settings, Wi-Fi and WPS LEDs, they will start blinking continuously in on and off. Later on, it will become steady once all of the settings are successfully saved/applied.
  • If the user has saved or even applied for the Wireless Settings with SSID broadcast disabled then, a message will appear as “WPS needs an SSID broadcasting process in order to work”. If any changes are made then, the WPS will become inaccessible.

Alternate Simple Solutions To Fix Netgear Router WPS Progress Error

You can approach our professional experts to resolve the Netgear router WPS progress error. Below is a brief account of the steps you can follow to solve your problem without external assistance.

First, check whether there is any failure while processing the WPS. Then, disable the WPS feature with WPS wizard and check if the error is still there or not. Also, check your Netgear router’s firmware for an error.

Check the ‘Keep existing wireless settings’.If you want to turn off the solid LED green, press the WPS button on the front panel. First, the LED will flash green then yellow and finally will turn off. Even if you have clicked on the ‘Apply button’ in the wireless settings,  WPS LED will blink.

You can change the wireless encryption settings if there is an issue with the security of your Netgear router. Press and hold the WPS button on the Netgear router for a minimum 30 seconds or until the WPS LED becomes steady. Note that there will be slight changes in the location of WPS button on each Netgear router but, it will have a proper symbol. Select the ‘Apply button’ right under the wireless settings.

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