Secure A Wireless Linksys Router

How To Secure A Wireless Linksys Router?

To Secure your wireless Linksys router it is essential that a third party should not have access into your system and resources. This is when there is an unauthorized access to your system. So, to avoid problem at any cost, secure a wireless Linksys router and prevent any identity theft. Also, prevent a hacker to access your computer while there is a smooth internet connection. We have steps below to help you overcome the issue and is highly beneficial in the long run.

Steps to secure a wireless Linksys router

Step 1: The first thing is to switch on the computer and wait for your Windows OS to load. Open the Web browser now.

Step 2: To secure a wireless Linksys router, carefully type ‘’ in the browser search bar and tap “enter key”. A pop-up box will appear where you have to enter username and password. Leave the username space blank and type ‘admin’ in the password section. Click “OK” icon. If this process fails then, type ‘admin’ for username and ‘Admin’ for the password field.

Step 3: Now, access the Linksys set-up page and select the wireless icon. Access the “Wireless Security” icon. Try to work with either of these options in the security mode: WEP or WPA. However, users should opt for WEP in the meantime.

Step 4: As per as Linksys router support service technicians, choose 128 bits 26 hex digits in WEP Encryption. Now, carefully input a password in the Passphrase box and tap on ‘generate’ icon. Copy all these bits of information into a text format to access the wireless router easily.

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Step 5: Enter the first key’s (KEY 1) which is of 26-digit password when the computer will prompt users to enter the WEP key.

Step 6: Navigate back to the browser and repeat step 2. According to experts, change the password, ‘admin’ or ‘Admin’ and click on the ‘Administration’ tab. Enter a different password in the field and save it. This password will help you to reconfigure the router.

Step 7: If users are working with a new version of a Linksys wireless router, then, may be they have to use WPA security mode. Here, you have to choose ‘WPA-Personal’ and select ‘TKIP’ encryption. Type the chosen passphrase and ‘3600 seconds’ for key renewal process.

Step 8: It is always best to install legitimate third-party software to protect such wireless network from any kind of malicious code.

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