Reset Password In D-link Router

Reset Password In D-link Router With Flawless Solutions

The Internet has become an essential part of our life. Starting from entertainment to professional work, everything depends on the internet. In this scenario, the routers play a vital role in easing up the usage. So, when it comes to choosing a router D-link is the name that comes to mind. Moreover, D-Link routers are globally recognized in terms of performance and network coverage.  However, to set up and get the most out of your D-Link router, you need to sign in to the same. If you already set the password for your router and now need to Reset Password In D-Link Router then follow the article for quick and easy ways.

Resetting the router password is not that tricky for a tech-savvy person. However, sometimes it might take a great deal of time.

As a matter of fact, the need for setting the password all over again can be triggered due to several reasons. Hence, whatever may be the reason is, following the steps mentioned above you can resolve the same.

Reset Password In D-link Router With These Quick Steps

To reset the password of your D-Link router you need to have Admin access. In most of the cases, for all broadband router, you need to have the IP address, username and of course password. These details come with the router setup by default. In that case, by using the internet browser installed in your device, you can access all the router website.

Fortunately, D-Link Router is not an exception in that case. As a matter of fact, all these details are essential to keep the features protected. So the network can be protected from any fraudulent activity or misuse. The critical system setting may include, wireless network password, port forwarding features and also the DNS server settings.

Connect The Device

First, you need to connect the device to the internet. As to proceed with the step you need to have access to a fully functioning internet connection. Once connected to the internet, now open the web browser installed in your system. Then, go to the address bar of the browser and put ‘’ value and press Enter afterward.

This is the default IP address for most of the D-Link Router. In case the address doesn’t work, then is another address you can try. If none of the above addresses work for you, then figure out the IP address of your D-Link router. Now, you can try the hostname http://D-Linkrouter to access the D-Link router web page.

If nothing works, no need to worry! You can access the login page by using the computer.

Go to the system tray and then click on the ‘Open Network and sharing Network’. From there, go to the ‘Connection’ it will open the active connection. Now, click on ‘Details’. Now copy the ‘IPv4 Default Gateway’ of the router.

Sign In

Now in the router sign in page, you need to log in to reset password in D-Link router. In the username field type ‘Admin’. In most of the D-Link router, Admin is the default username. Leave the password section empty. If things didn’t work, then you need to enter ‘Admin’ in the password field.

Change The Old Password

In the web interface, go to wireless router settings and from there navigate to the ‘Wireless’ tab on the left pane. Now, click on the ‘Security Mode’ menu. Here, you need to choose Enable WAP2 Wireless Security unless you are using an old device.

Now to set the password, you need to click on Passphrase field. Then, type the password you want to create for your router. Also, make sure you verify the password by re-entering the password in confirm password field.

Please note: While changing the existing password, you need to keep few things in mind. Such as, the password should not be a dictionary word. It should contain at least one special character and symbol. So that you can make the password unpredictable.

So, this is the Easiest way you can use to reset password in D-Link Router. Following the step should resolve your queries.

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